Day 31 of the 365 project.

What I’ve learned so far with my 365 photo challenge


Day 31 (Tacks)

On January 1st 2015 I started a 365 photography challenge. Well, technically I started three of them, but I’ll get to that. A 365 photography challenge is pretty much what it sounds like; you try to photograph something, anything, every day for a year. Some people choose themes; some people will photograph whatever inspires them that day. I decided to be a crazy person and try three themes. It’s something which I kind of regret now, if I’m being honest. My idea where 1.) macro photography 2.) concept photography (a different concept each month) and 3.) A single subject. The single subject is the hardest, as you literally pick one item, and photograph 365 unique ways.


Day 133 (gift bag)

About halfway through I realized I was juggling too much and decided to focus my efforts on the 365 macro photography part. It was a fantastic decision. I stopped stressing about trying to find 3 different ideas a day, and instead was able to relax and really find a groove for my macros. I’m still a bit sad I didn’t continue with the others, but I learned that I can’t overload myself with too many projects or ideas and expect success. It was a huge admission on my part. That being said, I feel like my grasp of macro photography has really grown in the past 11 months. I think that I will likely continue this project into the next year, and see just how far I can push it. I’m planning on trying one of those DIY macro lens hacks to see if I can get an even closer view for my pictures. I’m hoping it works, at least until I’ve saved up for a new macro lens!


Day 137 (Wind chime)


2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned so far with my 365 photo challenge

  1. I was drawn to this post and relate. I started my own 365 (technically 366) day challenge on January 1st. My photography blog is relatively new, so I thought this would be a good way to get more images up and “get into a habit”. So far so good… it is on January 15th.I decided not to restrict myself too much. In 2012 I engaged and saw through a challenge to create a small art piece each day of the year. I was pretty tired by the end of it but also proud that I had seen it through. I have 366 unique 3″ x4″ pieces based on monthly themes. – In 2014 a friend and I challenged each other to do a similar challenge. I was overbooked with work, so my challenge pieces were mostly photographs which I printed out trading cards size. I am happy I didn’t let me friend down. This year I am back challenging myself – feel good and I love your blog so will click the “follow” button as soon as I post this comment. Keep up the great work. I find your images so inspiring.

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    • I’m glad you’ve started another 365 (366) challenge! They an be tough, especially when you have to admit to yourself that you’ve taken on too much. I love the feeling at the end of the year though, knowing you made it through and completed what you started. Good luck to your challenge and thank you!


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