My bunny, Gizmo

There’s more than one way to help animals

I lost my two rabbits very suddenly a little over a year ago. It stills hurts to talk about them, but I’m getting better. Their names were Gizmo (yes, from Gremlins) and London.


Gizmo was the happiest damn bunny you could imagine. Everything made him happy, the cats, pettings, food, binkying. Anything! Everything was awesome to him. He even “helped” raise my youngest cat (I.E.: He taught her how to run. Now she looks like an idiot when she scurries through the house, because she runs like a rabbit).


London we rescued, and we think he may have come from a very stressful environment. He was so stressed and scared of everything when he came to us. He got better with time, but never fully recovered.

Adopting another rabbit (or two) just isn’t in the picture for me at this point, between adjusting to the loss and planning on moving soon, it just isn’t fair to any rabbit. So I volunteer. I found a great organization called the House Rabbit Network (HRN for short), but they’re too far away from me to get to easily, so instead I volunteer my graphic design experience. I make infographs and posters for them, and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE doing it. So if you are interested in volunteering for a shelter (or any other organization really) but can’t set out time every week, try reaching out and seeing if they need an artist on hand. I bet you they do!



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