Day 133 of the 365 project.

2016 Photography Goals/Challenges

I’ve decided to pick two separate challenges to work on throughout 2016. I may throw in some random 30 day challenges and the like as well, but that’ll be depending on how busy I am with what I have going on. My goal is to focus on increasing my skills as a photographer.

I’m going to do another 365 challenge, though this time it is going to have a slightly broader theme that 2015’s (which was macro). Each month will be assigned a different color, where I get to photograph anything that fits that description. I can do any style and technique.

My plan so far:

January – Blue

February – Pink

March – Green

April – Purple

May – Yellow

June – Gray

July – Navy blue

August – Teal

September – Orange

October – White

November – Brown

December – Red


I may or may not replace one of the colors above with gold or silver. I haven’t decided yet.


The other challenge is more of a combination of projects, all designed to get me trying new techniques and practices. Like I said I really want to expand my photography in the next year. It’s a twist on the 52 weeks challenge. Most of my ideas are based from here:

Digital Camera World

But I switched some out based on my preferences or what I felt was feasible (the last ones on the list are more like suggested challenges, so I swapped them out).

My plan so far is this:

Jan. 2nd – Water drop art

Jan. 9th – Splash art

Jan. 16th – Smoke art

Jan. 23rd – Cross polarization (may change)

Jan. 30th – Food landscapes (LOVE this idea)

Feb. 6th – Fine art food

Feb. 13th – Flowers on ice

Feb. 20th – Abstracts in oil

Feb. 27th – Oily reflections

March 5th – Psychedelic soap film

March 12th – Refractive art

March 19th – Kitchen close ups

March 26th – Still life bokeh

April 2nd – Bokeh bubbles

April 9th – Still life light trails

April 16th – Light spirals

April 23rd – Pax East (My goal is to photograph 50 cosplays over the weekend long event)

April 30th – Right time, wrong lens

May 7th – Deconstructed landscape

May 14th – Minimalist mono landscapes

May 21st – Starlight landscapes

May 28th – Shoot the uninspiring

June 4th – Car park abstracts

June 11th – Selective color

June 18th – Naked night photography

June 25th – Optical illusions

July 2nd – Fireworks

July 9th – Recreated a tilt-shift effect

July 16th – A-Z photos

July 23rd – 1-100

July 30th – Faces in unusual places

Aug 6th – Light orbs

Aug 13th – Brenizer effect portraits

Aug 20th – Alternative car trails

Aug 27 – Ferris Wheel

Sep 3rd – Cinemagraphs

Sep 10th – Intentional camera movement

Sep 17th – A festival

Sep 24th – Time-lapse photo

Oct 1st – Portrait shoot

Oct 8th – Creative self portrait

Oct 15th – the world at your feet

Oct 22nd – Faceless portraits

Oct 29th – Tell a story

Nov 5th – Geocaching

Nov 12th – Pinhole photography

Nov 19th – Light paint a still life

Nov 26th – Small world

Dec 3rd – Lo-fi Look

Dec 10th – Intentional photo mistakes

Dec 17 – Foggy Landscape

Dec 24 – Pawprints/tracks in the snow

Dec 31 – Levitation photography

***I know a lot of these projects are very involved as far as planning/time spent photographing/editing and supplies needed, so I have a backup plan that I can go to whenever I don’t have time to prep a weekly shoot.

I’m going to ask a handful of friends (and blog readers, if anybody wants to throw ideas at me) to write a list of 20-30 scavenger items. I’m going to leave it vague, so they can get creative with it (I’m also not going to tell said friends why I want the list). I can then pull from these lists and see how many I can find and photograph in a day. (This is on the 52 list linked above, but I decided to move it to my backup plan and get more than one friend to help out).


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