Macro pink flower

52 Weeks Update

My 52 weeks project had a bit of a rough start. I’m not feeling too discouraged though, I picked challenges that would be just that, challenging.

Water drop art: My dinky flash just wasn’t up to the task of “freezing” the droplets for me. I’m playing with my new one now, and will be doing a reshoot asap; I intend to keep reshooting until I get something I am happy with. I’m learning a lot as I go though, which is awesome.

Splash art: Same issue as my water drop art sadly. Again, I’m not feeling discouraged yet. I’m actually still feeling excited. I don’t mind it when a photo shoot doesn’t work out the way I wanted to, I learn a lot regardless.

Smoke photography: This one is tough, but for a different reason. I’m building myself a new, deeper black, backdrop that I think should help immensely. The other problem I’m having is that I can only work on this for so long before the smoke gets to me (sensitive sense of smell and all) so I have to start and stop frequently.

Double exposure: I’m absolutely loving how these are coming out! I’ve finished a couple already, but am working on a full set. I’ll post the photos tomorrow.

Up next: Food landscapes

I’m actually really really looking forward to this one. I had to talk myself out of switching up the order because I wanted to get to this one sooner. Here’s hoping it’ll go well!


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks Update

    • Sounds crazy, but I think it’ll be fun! Yeah, my flash is ancient, so it was probably a good idea to replace it regardless. And yes on the wet bit! I made the mistake of not shutting my studio door the first time, next thing I know, there are kitty paws in the water. Woops! Lesson learned there!

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