7 thoughts on “Day 145

    • I don’t always, but this time I am. I was curious to see how many unique shots I could get out of it. Plus this one is looking more and more interesting as it starts to wilt, which is so different! Thank you!

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  1. Nice shots and interesting things! what I like about blogging is that we all do different things and post different things! I post a lot of photos and am moving into street art photos at the moment arcticterntalk.org
    so feel free to have a look and share my stuff too……love yours!

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    • I love street art photography! I don’t have the knack for it myself, but I love seeing other’s works. I’ll check out your site, and thank you!


      • Thanks. I find it the easiest type to shoot usually…….it keeps still, will still be there the next day if light rubbish! Its almost light releif really. Take care


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