6 thoughts on “Day 171

    • Thank you! I love looking at things from different a perspective, and I’d like to think that it helps my photography. Have you considered trying a 52 weeks or 365 project? I find the structure really helps to force me to try and look at things differently. Thank you and good luck!

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      • I’m disabled so sometimes it’s all I can do to get from the bed to the living room but, seeing some of your pictures, I don’t think I can use that as an excuse. You’ve inspired me to take pictures of everything! I’m still trying to learn my camera so it will be frustrating and interesting. Any critique you can give of upcoming photographs would be appreciated. And don’t worry…I know I’m not good so you won’t hurt my feelings!

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      • I’m sorry you have so much trouble there. A macro project may work for you. More often than not I find myself wandering around my house looking for objects to photograph. Not only is it wonderful because they’re close by, but it also helps you appreciate things in a new way. At least for me it does. And I started my 365 project last year to get to know my camera, so it’s a totally valid way of doing it! I was scared to share my photos at first but the community here is really wonderful and aupportive. It’s given me more courage a land confidence about my work than I ever thought I could have. I’d love to see your work sometime. Also, don’t put yourself or your work down. We’re all our worst critics and being mean to yourself won’t help you grow as an artist. That’s been the hardest lesson for me to learn. Can’t wait to see your work!

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