365 Reboot

So thanks to some massive chaos, health and family issues, and a few other curve balls I dropped the ball and missed some days in my 365 project. I’ve put off making this post, but in that time I made a decision: rather than giving myself a pass and take/upload the pictires late I would rather just reboot my 365 project.

I’m trying not to be hard on myself about it, life happens and things fall behind. I am a bit disappointed though. 

All that being said, I’m looking forward to the new year and my new project.

Year 2017 will be 12 themes split by month again, but rather than going with a color scheme I’m doing something different. I’ll update with my theme list soon!

Thank you all for liking and following my blog! It means the world to me. I will use this same blog for my next 365 project, so you don’t need to so anything fancy to continue seeing my work.

See you in the new year!


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