Miguel June 6 2017

A couple of questions

I have two thoughts/questions, and I was hoping to get some input from you guys.

1.) I’ve mostly been using this blog for my 365 projects – if I were to start posting more of my other photos (other projects, my shelter photography, etc), would you prefer to see them on here, or should I create another blog for a less specific focus and have this one just be for the 365 project?

2. In hopes of clearing up some space in my house, I’m planning on putting most of the prints I have on hand on clearance, and switching to a print-on-demand sort of system. Should I share the sales here, once posted?

Here’s a bribe/photo:

Miguel June 6 2017

Miguel June 6 2017


4 thoughts on “A couple of questions

  1. I currently run two blogs. It’s very time consuming. If I could do it over, I’d definitely reconsider combining them in such a way that would be easy for my readers to follow. Perhaps having my darker works posted during specific days of the week, so my other readers who enjoy my lighter works would know when those particular writings would be available. Perhaps you can combine all your passions into this one blog. Your art you’d be selling could be posted on one particular day of the week; also your photos outside of your 365 theme could be assigned a specific day but titled differently. Good luck! You have an excellent eye.

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    • Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it. I was leaning that way (using the same blog for all my photography) but was worried it’d be overwhelming for my followers. So I’m less worried now, thanks!

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