I’m going to talk about art, food, and cats. A lot. Especially the cat bit. I’m primarily planning on talking (babbling) about my current art projects here, as well as any pinterest recipes I try (I try a lot of them!) and the results of said recipes.


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  1. Hello, Liz! Thank you for visiting my blog. And now I see what caught your eye – our love of cats. 🙂 And I find your close-up shot of your cat is beautiful, because cat gazes are mesmerizing and/or compelling…..soothing….and endearing. 🙂 I look forward to your photos and pinterest shares.

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  2. Thanks, Liz, for stopping by my blog and liking a recent food post. I used to have cats. Still love them like my very self. I’m getting a mini-lop rabbit next month and, with him and my fish, I may do some blogging about taking care of other living things besides myself. Blessings!


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