My Photography Bucket List

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to do next with my photography. What projects I want to complete, what challenges or images I want to try and take, things along those lines. I realized I hard sort of a mental list going for all of it. I figure I’ll never get started on this imaginary list unless I started to write them down. Now I can add to it, make progress, and see how I’m doing. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to actually get out there and start taking these pictures I’ve been wanting to do. Admittedly, some of them are easier than others (some require a bit of travel after all), but it should be fun anyhow!
Does anyone else keep a bucket list of things they want to complete?
1.) Photograph a stranger
2.) Someplace new
3.) Perfect Snowflake
4.) City lights at night
5.) A fashion shot
6.) Slow SS of water
8.) Fireworks
9.) Light trails on a busy street
10.) A festival
11.) Lightning
12.) Storm at a beach
13.) Horses
14.) Reflection in water
15.) Emotion
16.) Street photography
17.) Senior session
18.) Couples engagement shoot
19.) Ferris wheel (day)
20.) Ferris wheel (night)
21.) Dancing in the rain
22.) Waterfall
23.) Skylines at night
24.) Panning shot
25.) Close up concert
26.) Roller coaster
27.) Rainbow
28.) Water droplets falling
29.) Historical forests
30.) Great Wall of China
31.) Upgrade my camera (not a picture, but..)
31.) Travel photography
32.) Close up of an elephant
33.) Jellyfish
34.) Photo from stomach dropping height
35.) Hawaii’s waters
36.) A professional head shot
37.) Grand Canyon
38.) Surreal location
39.) Abandoned building
40.) Derelict theme park
41.) Lanterns over the water
42.) A cherry tree in full bloom
43.) Color run (camera safely wrapped up!)
44.) Adoption event
45.) Iceland (basically everywhere!)
46.) A tree house
47.) Trash the Dress (hopefully in a positive light!)
48.) A field of lavender
49.) Wisteria tree
50.) Crashing waves
51.) A wedding
52.) An Aurora
53.) People spelunking
54.) A cave
55.) Yellowstone National Park
56.) Sunset silhouette
57.) A giant Redwood
58.) My studio (when it’s actually clean!)
59.) Animals up for adoption (a series)
60.) Coral reef
61.) A sea turtle
62.) Dramatic self portrait
63.) Foggy landscape
64.) Light tracing
65.) Street performer
66.) Steam
67.) A perfect spider web
68.) Macro of an eye
69.) Forced perspective using depth of field
70.) Sunrise through the fog (specific location in mind)
71.) Pawprints/tracks in the snow
72.) The Colesseum
73.) Smoke trails
74.) A bird in flight
75.) A cat jumping
76.) Another artist
77.) Niagra falls
78.) Star trails
79.) Levitation
80.) Night scene


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